Walk for Peace

Geddes Environmental Park,
Kincardine, Ontario, Canada


The Kincardine Labyrinth Peace Garden is located in the heart of Kincardine at Geddes Environmental Park.

This labyrinth, known as the ‘Chalice’ design, has sculpted gardens and paths based on a Classical Labyrinth pattern, similar to the design of one in the cathedral at Chartres, France.

It all began when several Kincardine residents, having had the opportunity to walk labyrinths on separate occasions around the globe, were compelled to see a labyrinth in their own town. Collectively, they began a group known as Friends of the Labyrinth Peace Gardens. With much enthusiasm, commitment and hard work the Labyrinth was realized.

The flowers that border the paths of the Labyrinth Peace Garden emerge in a rainbow of colour, evoking subtle energies that quiet the mind and allow the inner wisdom to be heard.  This meditative walk to the center and back out is a metaphor for our life’s journey to inner peace. By finding peace within, we attain peace without, not only in our lives, but in the world, too.

Today this ancient meditative tool is making a renaissance all over the world.  Once again you’ll find labyrinths in churches, universities, private gardens — indeed almost anywhere. The Kincardine Labyrinth Peace Garden is open to all visitors, and has been used for such events as Peace Vigils and Labyrinth Workshops. ‘Friends’ of the Labyrinth have successfully raised funds to make its wide paths of stone dust completely wheel chair accessible. The addition of a kiosk provides visitors with information on Labyrinths and thanks our volunteers. Indeed some of the best photos are on the Volunteer Thanks page. You are invited to visit our Labyrinth Garden and take a walk for peace whenever you wish.

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